What tools to use to apply foundation?

Hey my beauties….  PMS sucks. I’m in a dull mood all day and even though I’m ready with piccys, I didn’t want to do any review or look. I just feel all fugly today!  So thought of a middle way!

I usually am in a different phase every month makeup wise… sometimes I only wear blue eyeliner or I can go a whole month without a blush. Also, sometimes I love using brushes & sometimes it’s sponge sponge & only sponge. Also, a lot of my friends keep asking me what is the best tool for foundation… brushes, fingers, kabukis…. what????

foundation application


I found this cheat sheet in an online magazine and thought of sharing it with you girls… hope it helps you choose better 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What tools to use to apply foundation?”

  1. For me personally it depends upon the foundation I am using since different foundations work differently using different brushes…some work better with hands and some with Sigma F80

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